About Us

About Us

Ram’s Horn is a rockin’, car-inspired restaurant that feeds your appetite while taking you down memory lane.

Ram’s Horn Rochester Hills

Family owned and operated.

For over 40 years, Ram’s Horn has stood for quality, authentic food at affordable prices.

Ram’s Horn Family Restaurant of Rochester Hills rocks you back to the grooves, cruisers, and fun of the 1950’s! Ram’s Horn is a rockin’, car-inspired restaurant that feeds your appetite while taking you down memory lane.

Even if you traded in your cherry red, four-in-the-floor, rubber-burning hot rod for a mini-van long ago, you can still relive those happy days here with us at Ram’s Horn. Even though we’re at the corner of Rochester and Hamlin Roads in Rochester Hills, when you pull into Ram’s Horn, it’s like you just pulled off of Route 66. Come and get your kicks with us 24 hours a day.

Our smoke free dining room surrounds you with old-fashioned 50’s diner atmosphere and, of course, lots of classic car memorabilia. Come savor the comfort food you love, and remember the good times here at Ram’s Horn Restaurant.

Ram’s Horn of Rochester Hills puts the “good” in “good morning” a couple of ways. First, of course, it’s our great food. Second, every Saturday morning, the Breakfast Club meets in our parking lot and it is the day to meet with, talk with and enjoy classic cars. Great rides and their owners are everywhere and you can come and talk parts, trades, paint jobs, and those perfect cars of the past. Join us for the Breakfast Club early every Saturday morning.

Ram’s Horn of Rochester Hills has your keys to the open road with the hippest kid’s meals around, served in classic, collectable toy cars that you can take with you! Whether it’s a burger, hot dog, chicken-tenders, fish-and-chips or grilled cheese – all served with our delicious fries, cruise on in to Ram’s Horn and collect them all today!

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Tribute To Our Founder

In Loving Memory

June 12, 1928 - October 1, 2010

Tom George Thomas



by: Anna Noble 
This empty shell you see before me carries so many strong, hard working souls! 
This empty shell you see is my home, my bones, my livelihood, my peace and my crazy…never the less, this empty shell is me! 
Ram’s Horn is a family to me and so many others! 
We never thought in a 100 years this could happen to us!  
To hear the doors were being closed, I felt sad, knowing that it was something that had to happen to save our loved ones!
When it hits home you can only pray that people will take this situation seriously! 
On the other hand, who will be there to help us pick up the pieces? 
We are not just a restaurant, we are family to so many…an escape, a piece of mind, a loyal family you can depend on! 
My heart goes beyond my unemployment. 

We will overcome, we will soar and we will be stronger than before!