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by: Anna Noble 
This empty shell you see before me carries so many strong, hard working souls! 
This empty shell you see is my home, my bones, my livelihood, my peace and my crazy…never the less, this empty shell is me! 
Ram’s Horn is a family to me and so many others! 
We never thought in a 100 years this could happen to us!  
To hear the doors were being closed, I felt sad, knowing that it was something that had to happen to save our loved ones!
When it hits home you can only pray that people will take this situation seriously! 
On the other hand, who will be there to help us pick up the pieces? 
We are not just a restaurant, we are family to so many…an escape, a piece of mind, a loyal family you can depend on! 
My heart goes beyond my unemployment. 

We will overcome, we will soar and we will be stronger than before!